Sabtu, 13 Mei 2017

My future business

Assallamuallaikum wr wb.
Someday i want to build a business in the field of printing is why i chose the field of printing, because of the need to be media promotion is a product of very rapid development, the company desperately needs a media to introduce their products to be sold in the market.
The development of printing lately very rapidly once, like a business seasonal business opportunities but it has a very large once, is not an exception when the general election, local election, presidential election. Thousands of square can be obtained times like this is the power of the effort of printing reap a profit that many times, therefore i wanted to build & have business.
But for capital issued not less especially if we do not have enough savings to build this one business, to purchase an outdoor digital printing machine one fruit can be more than 200 million rupiah. Can not imagine dong yet to buy all the other needs such as computer machines, computer design, where to rent to be his office, may be more than 1 billion.
Money is not a little spent means that it takes a very large capital to develop this one business. Many ways to build this business that we can first borrow in the bank with the guarantee of our land and house certificates. But it is very detrimental to us if our business is not able to compete with the property of someone else who is engaged in the same field.
This means we must be able to compete in the competition of the perpetrators of printing, we must be able to find relationships, or consumers remain. To continue to introduce their products to us, we must always be good at making a company profile printing to enter the government office, or private companies to establish cooperation, offer services for their products introduce to the public.
Such is the dream I want to have a printing business someday. Whether it can be true or not during fantasizing not paying I will continue to fantasize. May all my dreams be achieved.
Waallaikumsallam wr wb.

Minggu, 30 April 2017

How to Make Mie Sagu Spesial

How to Make a Special Sago Noodle

For this one noodle, we make another from the other basic ingredients are sago flour.Mungkin you wonder how it feels sago flour made noodles. Sago noodle is not less delicious with the usual noodles we eat only the basic ingredients are different. Let's both make and prepare the ingredients to make sago noodle dishes
Materials for Sago Noodle Making

Some ingredients for Sago Noodle Making:
• 1/2 kg of sago noodles, washed and soaked
• 2 ounces of bean sprouts, discarded tip, washed
• 1 piece of tofu, washed, chopped
• Cabbage vegetables to taste (fine cut)
• 200 mL of water
• Right amount of oil
• Soy sauce to taste
• Salt and ajinomoto sufficiently
• Red chili to taste, mashed
• Leaf soup to taste, cut fine
How to Make Sago Noodles

Here is How to Make Sago Noodles
1. Prepare the pan, heat enough cooking oil. Flatten cabbage with salt then fry until close to brown, lift
2. vegetable cabbage.
3. Now enter 3 tablespoons of cooking oil, heat and then insert
4. cabbage, tao ge, tofu and red chilli, mix well.
5. Enter sago noodles, mix well.
6. Add a little water so it is not too dry then add soy sauce
7. salty, salt and ajinomoto to taste. Stir well.
8. Sago noodles ready to serve (add leaf soup and cabbage vegetables
9. which has been fried earlier on the dish for fragrance fragrance)